Harry’s Savoy Grill

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Harry's Savoy Grill, One of USA Today's Restaurants of the Year 2024

“Harry’s Savoy Grill is a premier steakhouse in Wilmington, Delaware, and this week, it has made national news: Along with 46 other restaurants, Harry’s was included in the 2024 USA TODAY Restaurants of the Year list.”

The South's Most Legendary Restaurants - Southern Living

“The success of Harry’s Savoy Grill in north Wilmington has long been attributed to Xavier Teixido, who didn’t actually own the steak house until 1993. By then, the veteran restaurant manager and stickler for great service had already been working at Harry’s since it opened about five years earlier. But that doesn’t mean the place hasn’t changed since then. For decades, Teixido has ensured that the neighborhood spot keeps up with the times, from the hazy days of big steaks and clouds of cigar smoke to a magician’s act delivered over brunch. Today, the menu at Harry’s is still dependable for its steaks—a prime rib station remains a focus—and its beloved Clams Casino, but it has grown to also feature more fresh-caught seafood and seasonal produce. What hasn’t changed? Teixido’s big reputation for hospitality.”

Best Place To Eat Steak in Delaware

"Beefing Up" – Out & About Magazine March 2022

“When Harry’s Savoy Grill opened in 1989, The News Journal praised the ‘meaty menu.’ However, the Brandywine Hundred restaurant did not promote itself strictly as a steakhouse. But over the years, red meat has become the primary appeal of this popular neighborhood spot.”

Most Influential Delawareans - Delaware Online, March 22, 2022

“As our world and everyday lives are reshaped by COVID and a new political climate, there is still one thing that remains constant: The number of people who work, often behind the scenes, to make our lives just a little bit better. In 2022, we will emerge from the pandemic’s shadow with fresh hope for the future, thanks to many of the people you will soon read about.

For the second year, Delaware Online/The News Journal sought to highlight those who have a big impact in the First State. “

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