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Kid Shelleen’s – Trolley Square

  • Best Burger (9 years running)
  • Best Brunch
  • Best Restaurant in Trolley Square

Most Influential Delawareans - Delaware Online, March 22, 2022

As our world and everyday lives are reshaped by COVID and a new political climate, there is still one thing that remains constant: The number of people who work, often behind the scenes, to make our lives just a little bit better. In 2022, we will emerge from the pandemic’s shadow with fresh hope for the future, thanks to many of the people you will soon read about.

For the second year, Delaware Online/The News Journal sought to highlight those who have a big impact in the First State – from the entertainment world that is just returning after largely going dark in 2020, to activists that rallied to help their neighbors, to politicians and sports stars and business leaders.

You won’t agree with every pick. That’s to be expected. This group is more about who had an impact on our lives rather than a simple popularity contest. These lists are in no way comprehensive. But they’re important, both as recognition of those working hard throughout our state and as a reminder of who to watch in 2022.